Modern Longarm Quilting Services

I specialize in edge to edge longarm quilting. Have you noticed that the quilting design used on your quilt, can really change the personality and vibe of it?! I love being able to bring a vision to life, and play a part in creating a beautiful quilt with you. I know the amount of love and effort put into your quilt up to this point, let’s work together to finish it exactly how you have imagined. If you need a little help or guidance, I’m here for it!

Please look through our Pantograph Library to see available quilting options. I do update this page as new designs are acquired. If you have something else in mind, but don’t see it here, please let me know. I am happy to get new designs.

Not sure what you’re looking for or haven’t had a quilt longarm quilted before? Send me a message and I would be happy to work with you.


My quilting fee is $0.02 per square inch. I will measure your quilt when it arrives, and charge accordingly. For example, a quilt that is 60” x 60” = 3600 sq. in. x $0.02 = $72.00. This fee includes quilting, thread, trimming (if requested), any consultation if needed. Some more dense pantographs have a higher quilting fee due to the time and thread needed to quilt it, those are marked with a ** and the fee is $0.03 per square inch.

I do provide batting for an additional fee. The battings I currently have in stock are:

  • Hobbs Heirloom 80/20 cotton poly blend - $3.00 per linear foot
  • Pellon 100% Cotton - $2.50 per linear foot
  • Warm & Plush 100% Cotton - $4.00 per linear foot
  • Quilter’s Dream Poly Down - $2.50 per linear foot
  • Quilter's Dream Bamboo - $4.00 per linear foot

I try my best to use just enough batting to cover the quilt top, typically an additional inch or two is needed to ensure coverage. If you would like to provide your own batting, that works great too. Please let me know on the order form, and make sure you have adequate material to cover an additional 2” on each side of the quilt top.

After your quilt is done, I will send an invoice via email. Once paid, I will send your quilt in the mail asap!

Preparing your Quilt Top

  • Press your seams, and square up your quilt top and backing.
  • Please mark the top edge of your quilt (if there is a definitive one). Also mark the backing if there is a specific way you would prefer it to be oriented.
  • Trim any long threads, especially dark threads, as they may show through lighter fabrics when quilted.
  • Your backing should be at least 4” longer on the top and bottom edges than your quilt top, and 4” wider on each side. This extra length/width is needed to properly load your quilt onto the machine. For example, if your quilt top is 60” x 60”, your backing should be 68” tall x 68” wide. It’s no problem if your backing is larger than this requirement, feel free to leave it. I will load the quilt to optimize your remaining scrap backing fabric and return it to you with your quilt.
  • To ensure your quilt is safe during shipping, please package it carefully in a plastic bag. I like to reuse larger clean grocery store bags, or even garbage bags work well. I will try to reuse your bag when returning your quilt, and this just gives extra protection to your quilt during shipping.